Program partners

Cooperation partners

Land.Zuhause.Zukunft is a collaboration of Robert Bosch Stiftung and the University of Hildesheim.

University of Hildesheim (SUH) – Migration Policy Research Group

The University of Hildesheim became a university in its own right in 1978 and a Foundation under Public Law in 2003 – one of the first of its kind in Germany. The range of subjects covers study courses in Educational and Social Sciences, Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Communication, Linguistics and Information Science, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Economics and Computer Science. Trans- and interdisciplinary centres, graduate schools and endowment professorships strengthen the University’s research profile. More than 8,500 students are currently enrolled at the University.

The SUH also focuses on transmitting the results of academic research into practice. To this end, the Research and Transfer Office for Migration Policy and the Migration Policy Research Group (MPRG) were established. The MPRG investigates how local governments and communities shape the multi-level governance of (forced) migration.

The Land.Zuhause.Zukunft program office is associated with the MPRG and the Research and Transfer Office for Migration Policy.

Robert Bosch Stiftung

The Robert Bosch Stiftung is one of the major foundations in Europe that is associated with a private company. Through its work, the foundation has followed the legacy of Robert Bosch for over 50 years, continuing his commitment to social and societal causes in a contemporary form. The Robert Bosch Stiftung engages in three areas of support: Health, Education, and Global Issues. Its charitable work aims at developing strong, sustainable solutions for social challenges. To this end, the Robert Bosch Stiftung implements projects, establishes partnerships and collaborative programmes, and funds external initiatives. Since its creation, the foundation has invested approximately 1.9 billion Euro in charitable projects.

Deutschland, Berlin, Robert Bosch Stiftung, Französische Str.32, Integration lädlicher Raum, Land.Zuhause.Zukunft, 26.4.2022

Consulting partners

Ramboll Management Consulting and Kompetus Management Consulting are consulting partners for Land.Zuhause.Zukunft and support the participating districts in finding innovative solutions for their particular challenges.

Ramboll Management Consulting

Ramboll was founded in Copenhagen in 1945. The Ramboll Foundation is the principal shareholder of the Ramboll corporation. Ramboll has a long-standing expertise in advising public administrations at various levels, from municipalities to federal ministries. Migration and integration are focus topics of Ramboll’s activities which range from evaluations, scientific reporting, strategic process consulting to organisational development and leadership training.

Kompetus Management Consulting

Kompetus is a consulting firm focusing on organisational structures and strategies. It operates at the nexus between administration, business and civil society. In constantly seeking dialogue with academia and building its own capacities, Kompetus ensures high-quality methods and results for its clients. Kompetus has worked with public administrations, companies and NGOs in Germany and abroad.


The program relies on the competence of selected experts from different fields. We are pleased about the constantly growing pool of Land.Zuhause.Zukunft experts who support us in making the programme as relevant, successful and needs-oriented as possible.

Martina Berger

Martina Berger leads the Division for Social Affairs, Education and Culture of the District Office Coburg, as well as the Staff Unit for District Development. In that role, she is also responsible for issues related to migration in the district.

Zohre Esmaeli

Zohre Esmaeli is a social activist, entrepreneur and author. Founder of the Zohre Esmaeli Foundation gGmbH

Dr. Jan Schneider

Dr. Jan Schneider is the head of SVR’s Research Unit where he coordinates a team of junior and senior researchers.

Dr. Klaus Ritgen

Dr. Klaus Ritgen is a staff consultant at Deutscher Landkreistag (German County Association), Berlin. His responsibilities include the role of spokesperson for integration and Aliens law.

Heidrun Dräger

Heidrun Dräger is the head of the department of Gender Equality, Generations and Diversity of the Ludwigslust-Parchim district.

Dr. Deniz Nergiz

Dr. Deniz Nergiz is the managing director of the Federal Immigration and Integration Council.